Movavi Video Editor Review

 When you look on the Internet, you can find a lot of types of video editing tools that are available today. Each tool has its own benefits and features for all users. It means that you have to compare all available tools, especially when you want to choose the right one for your project.

One of the most popular video editing software is Movavi Video Editor. In this article, we are going to read about the Movavi Video Editor review for finding some useful features from this tool. Many people are using this powerful tool for helping them in any of their video editing projects.

Some Incredible Features from Movavi

a. Improved User Interface

If you are an existing user of Movavi, you will notice that its user interface is developed well. You will find some differences between the new interface with the old one. All colors and icons from this Movavi are updated to offer a modern and slick appearance. It is very easy for you to work with long projects, especially when you edit any video clips. All tools are available on both horizontal and vertical toolbars, so you can find any of your favorite tools easily.

b. Frame-by-frame video clips preview

This is another great improvement that is offered by Movavi. This video editing software allows you to enjoy its frame-by-frame clips preview. It means that you can see any frames on the video clip right on the timeline in this tool. You will be able to find the right time for cutting or cropping your video clips easily. This feature is very useful to help you when editing your video with this powerful tool.

c. User media library

After you install the latest version of Movavi, you will be able to find its user media library. This library allows you to store any video clips or other files in the system easily. Once you import or export any files, you are going to find those files in the media library. This is a powerful feature that can help you in any complicated project. You don’t have to look for any video clips or other important files when editing your video. Everything will be available in this media library.

d. Special effects for all users

The newest version of Movavi is created to help you edit any video clips easily. It will offer some of the modern special effects that you can use on your video. All of these special effects will make your video look modern and cool. Some of these popular effects include glitch effects, the old TV styling effect, the Chromatic Aberration effect, the Parallax transition effect, etc. You can update the software for getting the latest effects for your video. More effects can be found in Movavi Effects Store.

e. Its easy drag and drop system

Movavi editor software is good for all users, including beginners. This video editing software offers an easy drag and drop system. You can simply drag any video clips or images from the folder and release them on the system. They will be added immediately to the timeline. Then, you can simply take any of these video clips or images and put them into your video clips. It can save a lot of your time when editing your movie.

f. Easy and quick exporting system

When using the latest Movavi Video Editor Plus, you will be able to export any videos quickly. Don’t forget to set up all specifications of your finished video, for example, video quality, resolution, audio format, video format, etc. Movavi also has some interesting options, such as uploading the video to the YouTube channel directly, sharing the video to other social media channels, etc.

After reading some features from Movavi, you may want to know how you can use this video editing tool. This tool is available in 3 different options, including the trial version, 1-year subscription version, and its lifetime license. Movavi is offered with its free trial version that is about 7 days. Then, you can subscribe the Movavi for about $39.95 for one year. If you want to buy its lifetime license, you can pay $59.95 for getting this tool forever. You can use this tool in one computer.